Check out some of our favourite projects that are currently available on the App Store, and for which we’ve been responsible for both design and development:

Match Minutes FC

  • Used by football (soccer) clubs around the world
  • Broadcasts match commentary from limited press facilities
  • User experience designed for fast, live game coverage
  • Distributes game updates through Twitter
French Sounds

  • An educational iPad App
  • Specially designed user interface
  • Sound and animation
Hearts Cards

  • Reached Top Selling Card Game on Mac App Store
  • Full animation and sound effects
  • Intelligent computer players
  • Game options and rule variations

  • Rich, extensive use of iPhone and iPod touch multi-touch functionality
  • Features a realtime physics engine for sprite movement and interaction
  • Integrates with feature filled animated environment
  • Custom designed soundtrack

A few other projects:

Poker, WorthReading, FUBAR Detector, Ghost Hunt AR