What We Do
We turn app ideas into reality.

Who We Are
Because our people have a tendency of getting job offers they can’t refuse from larger companies, many have come and gone through the doors of NeverBored Studios. Thomas Ang, who refuses to get a real job, has been here since the beginning, providing a common thread with which to tie all of the incarnations of this company together. Former partners who have moved on to better things include Orin Bishop, Morgan Hall, Jimmy Ho, Kevin Sylvestre and Ernest Surudo.

Where We Came From
NeverBored Studios was born in 2008 as an independent iPhone game studio. The four of us who started it back then were students or recent grads with bright shiny ideas about how we would change the world through gaming. The three of us who were still in school lived at the revolutionary VeloCity residence at the University of Waterloo in the first term of its existence. Much has changed since then (the other three founders have moved on to pursue excellence elsewhere, taking impressive jobs in large companies or starting up other things, and we’re not really a game studio anymore), but our name remains.

Our Name
We get asked about this a lot. Back when we were a game studio, we brainstormed really hard to come up with a name that really represented who we wanted to be and what we wanted to give gamers. It had to capture values that we held that wouldn’t change no matter how we grew or moved as a company. After hours of debate, the only name we seemed to be able to agree upon that wasn’t already taken was NeverBored Studios. It seems that all those hours of debate really worked because, while we’re no longer in the gaming industry and only one of the original four brainstormers remain, the name still captures our outlook on how we want to work and live. When I think of the name now, I can’t help but remember something that my ninth grade geography teacher always used to say: “A creative person is never bored …”